Customised solutions

We design comprehensive custom-built projects for our customers.

Our comprehensive dark fibre projects are fitted to our customers’ needs.

We can focus them either as investment projects invoiced at completion or as projects periodically invoiced over a multi-year period.


Multi-site projects

The integration of the railway and the electricity networks allows us to connect different customer sites through our dark fibre network, which is marked by being meshed and redundant. In this way, we manage to expand our customers' scope of action by adding national and international interconnections.


Connectivity with neutral exchange points

One of the paths of growth for our network is achieved by connecting to the main neutral exchange points in our country. At Reintel, we are increasing our presence in these data centres and we offer the interconnection of our customers’ networks with other networks in order to exchange their national and international traffic.


Network integration

At Reintel, we design solutions that enable the integration of our customers’ dark fibre network with the networks of other national and international infrastructure providers. We harness the use of existing Points Of Interconnection and we build new Points Of Interconnection to meet our customers’ needs.


Redundant rings

Harnessing the different routes of the railway and the electricity networks, we offer to our customers redundancy solutions for those non-fault tolerant and high availability subnets.


Local operators and public administrations

At Reintel, we make our railway dark fibre infrastructure available to local operators and public administrations whose centres are located within the railway line. We also propose integration with the electricity network fibre in order to carry out local, provincial or regional implementing projects regarding telecommunications networks.


Peninsular traffic of the pan-European and transoceanic networks

At Reintel, we undertake projects that collect and deliver traffic from other international operators through our border points of connection. This traffic travels through our network making optimal use of the efficiency of our dark fibre routes deployment.


On-demand infrastructure deployment projects

Taking advantage of Red Eléctrica's transmission grid deployment, Reintel is uniquely positioned to analyse the feasibility of expanding our dark fibre network to new Points Of Interconnection in the transmission grid and thus undertaking deployment projects for our customers' communication networks.

A network of more than 52,000 km throughout Spain


Reintel has a fully dedicated Network Operations Centre that controls and monitors the status of the whole network 24 hours a day, every day of the year. This centre uses a state-of-the-art remote monitoring system and is operated by skilled staff with a vast knowledge regarding the networks and the optical fibre footprint used by our customers.

At our customers' disposal, we have telephone number 916599914 and the email address in order to sort out any incidence that may occur.

At Reintel we are aware of how important for our customers is to have detailed information about our infrastructure and, therefore, in the Infrastructure section on this web we present both the technical features of the sites and the details of the network map displayed by province.

We invite you to discover, in the Infrastructure section on the web, detailed information about our dark fibre network (currently more than 52,000 km) and the 1,344 sites (810 on the electricity grid and 534 on the railway network) that we make available to you.

The professionals who make up our sales department will be delighted to assist you and provide you with all the information you may need. You can contact them through the Contact form on the web, through the email address or by contacting them at +34 91 6508500.

Yes. Reintel, in addition to offering its optical dark fibre network, also offers two types of sites (on the electricity grid and on the railway network) to provide customised solutions based on the technical requirements, location and type of optical fibre that interconnects them. Contact us and we will analyse your specific needs in order to offer you the best solution.