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In order to comply with the provisions established in Act 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services [Ley 34/2002, de 11 de julio, de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y de Comercio Electrónico] (LSSI), below are general information details on our website:

Owner: Red Eléctrica Infraestructuras de Telecomunicación, S.A. (hereinafter, Reintel)
Registered address: Paseo Conde de los Gaitanes, 177, 28109 Alcobendas (Madrid).
Registration Details: Tome 33603, Book: 0, Folio: 63, Section: 8, Sheet: M604828
Recording or entry: 1 / Date: 02/07/2015 Filing Year: 2015
C.I.F: A-87323127
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General Terms

1. User status

Your access and/or use of this website (hereinafter, “Our Site”) will endow you with user status. All users, from the very moment they have accessed, will be deemed to accept all general or specific terms of use, related to the contents and/or services provided on Our Site.

2. Terms of access and use

2.1 Your access to this site presumes a prior reading by all users of the general terms included in this section (hereinafter, the “Terms”). By accessing and using Our Site, all users are presumed to have granted their express, full and unreserved agreement to its global content at the time of access.

If a user is not in agreement with the Terms, he/she must refrain from accessing Our Site and/or operating through the same. Reintel, as the site owner, reserves the right to change the Terms, notifying all users of such changes.

2.2 General access to Our Site is cost-free and its viewing will not require any subscription or registration. As an exception to the foregoing, certain services may expressly indicate that registration is necessary.

2.3 All users undertake to access and use Our Site- the contents and/or services uploaded onto the same- without infringing any current legislation. Furthermore, all users undertake to not use Our Site for illegal or harmful purposes for Reintel.

2.4 In order to access certain services included in our website, all users must be registered on The data required in each Registration Form will be provided by each user voluntarily. Consequently, all such data must be true.

3. Privacy Policy

In compliance with the provisions of national regulations in personal data protection matters and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 27 April 2016, on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (hereinafter, the GDPR), below is a description of how we will process your personal data.

This Privacy Policy will only apply to the processing of personal data carried out Any personal data processing outside this website will be governed by the Privacy Policy of Grupo Red Eléctrica

Furthermore, you are hereby informed that the basic information individually provided on the processing of your data may contain specific terms, which will prevail over this Privacy Policy.

Who is the Controller of your data?

Your data will be processed by Red Eléctrica Infraestructuras de Telecomunicación, S.A., holding C.I.F: A-87323127, with the following mailing address for notification purposes: Paseo Conde de los Gaitanes nº 177, La Moraleja, 28109 Alcobendas (Madrid).

Why do we process your personal data?

In general, your data will be processed by Reintel in order to achieve the following purposes:

1. To handle any requests for information, consultations, applications and doubts through the forms available on the website. With the information provided, Reintel may issue an adequate response and provide you with solutions that cover your needs. Reintel undertakes to process any data obtained, which you have provided, whilst these are necessary for the purpose described. All telephone calls may be recorded in order to guarantee service quality and for security reasons.

2. To fulfil any legal obligations binding Reintel: Reintel, as the Controller, is obligated to fulfil telecommunications regulations, amongst other provisions. This means that it may need to provide your personal data to Public Administration bodies, courts, regulatory authorities and the Spanish Security Forces.

3. To complete satisfaction surveys: In order to verify your degree of satisfaction with Reintel’s work, we may conduct satisfaction surveys to improve the quality of our procedures and services.

How will data about minors be processed?

In general, Reintel’s contents and services are targeted and mostly conceived for people over 18. This is why minors will not be allowed to access Reintel’s contents and services.

How long will your data be kept?

All personal data provided will be stored for the necessary period of time to handle your request, consultation, suggestion, complaint or claim, or until the data subject requests an erasure or objects to his/her data processing, or data which need to be stored in order to fulfil a legal obligation or to bring, uphold and defend any claims.

Consequently, Reintel will store your personal data once our relationship has ended, on a restricted basis, unless they need to be made available to the Public Administration, Judges and Tribunals in order to handle any potential liability arising from our processing, and to bring and defend any claims before the Spanish Data Protection Agency. Your data will be stored during the statute of limitations applicable to any actions that may arise from each user relationship.

Your personal data will be stored for the time necessary to fulfil the purpose for which they were collected. If your data are used for various purposes, requiring that we store them for different periods of time, the longest conservation period will apply.

What gives us the authority to process your data?

Reintel is entitled to process your personal data, on the following legal grounds:

- Consentimiento del interesado: You have manifested your consent by completing a form, authorising the processing of your personal data for a specific or various purposes. You may revoke your consent at any time, through the channels available.

- Data subject’s consent: The processing of your data is necessary in order to fulfil our legal obligations foreseen in tax, commercial, employment and other legislation.

- Reintel’s legitimate interest: The processing of your data is based on Reintel’s legitimate interest, if there are no other legal grounds justifying this processing. In any case, we have assessed our lawfulness in order to avoid harming your fundamental rights and freedoms, based on our reasonable expectations further to your relationship with Reintel.

How do we collect your data?

In each process where your personal data are provided, you will be informed of their mandatory or voluntary nature, and of the consequences resulting from a failure to provide such data.

Through this Privacy Policy, you have declared that any information and data provided is accurate and true. Reintel reserves the right to exclude any data subjects from its services, which have provided false data, without prejudice to the possibility of bringing legal action. You will be solely liable for any false or inaccurate representation made and for any losses this may cause to Reintel or third parties.

If you were to provide third party personal data through any completed form, you will guarantee that such third party has been informed of this Privacy Policy and that you have obtained their authorisation to provide their data to Reintel, for the purposes described.

In compliance with Article 14 GDPR, Reintel undertakes to accordingly inform any third party whose data are provided.

Who are the recipients of your data?

Reintel will communicate and assign your personal data in order to achieve the aforementioned purposes, based on the legal grounds of the processing indicated above, to:

• Companies belonging to Redeia. For further details, see

• The Public Administration and Administration of Justice and any competent Authorities, in general, if Reintel is legally obligated to provide such data.

• Reintel suppliers with access to your personal data, which will process these data as Reintel’s Processors, as a result of the services provided to Reintel.

All suppliers with access to your personal data, providing services to Reintel, have signed the necessary processor agreement, as foreseen in Article 28 GDPR, undertaking to fulfil the following obligations: to apply appropriate technical and organisational measures; to process your personal data for the purposes agreed, only following Reintel’s documented instructions; and will be obliged to erase your data once provision of the services has ended.

What are your rights when you provide us with your data?

You may exercise your rights of Access, Rectification, Portability, Erasure, Limitation or Objection, if appropriate. In order to uphold your rights, a letter must be sent to the aforementioned mailing address, or to the following e-mail address:

You must specify which one of these rights is being upheld and, in turn, enclose a photocopy of your Spanish Identity Card (DNI) or equivalent identification document of the data holder. If acting through a legal or voluntary representative, you must also provide a document confirming this representation, and the attorney’s identification document.

Furthermore, if you consider that your personal data protection rights have been breached you may file a claim before the Spanish Data Protection Agency (

How do we ensure your data’s security?

Reintel applies and maintains appropriate technical and organisational measures to guarantee an adequate level of security, based on a prior risk analysis.

Specifically, Reintel has all the technical resources within its reach to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised access and theft of any data provided.

The user name and password freely chosen by the user in any registration process are personal and non-transferable. Each user undertakes to safeguard such data, taking the necessary measures to avoid their loss, misappropriation and/or disclosure to third parties, or their unauthorised use. Each user undertakes to adequately use such data, in such a way as to be solely liable if they are used illegally or contrary to any applicable Terms in each case.

3.1 Anonymous browsing through Our Site’s web pages

Reintel, as the owner company of the website, only obtains and keeps the following information on Our Site visitors:

a. The provider’s domain name (ISP) and/or IP address providing access to the Web. This allows Reintel to draw up statistics on the countries and servers that most often visit Our Site.

b. Access date and time, to identify high traffic and to make the necessary adjustments in order to avoid overloading during peak times.

c. The Internet address through which the link leads to Our Site. Thanks to this information, we are able to check the effectiveness of various advertising forms and links to Our Site, thus promoting those that offer the best results.

d. The number of daily visitors to each section, allowing us to find out which areas are the most successful, in order to increase and improve their content.

4. Links

a. Our Site includes and provides links to contents owned by third parties. Such links, which are never managed by Reintel, exist for information purposes only. Consequently, Reintel will not be liable in any case for how users access and use such links, or for the contents and/or services offered through such pages.

b. In turn, the owners of other websites that intend to create a link to any of Our Site pages must undertake to uphold the following rules established by Reintel for such purpose:

i. As a general rule, links will not be provided to pages or subpages other than the home page, unless the full URL is expressly provided in the site for access to a certain service.

ii. All links will be exhaustively forbidden that enable a total or partial page reproduction. Consequently, it will be forbidden to use <iframe> labels directing users to a certain content of Our Site.

iii. It will not be allowed to include commercial trademarks, texts or any other sign entitled to protection, other than the Reintel brand, alongside Our Site’s URL.

5. Use of “cookies”

Our Site,, uses cookies, i.e. small data files generated in a user’s computer. This does not mean we are able to read the data saved on the computer’s hard drive, or other cookies created by other service providers.

These cookies allow Red Eléctrica Infraestructuras de Telecomunicación, S.A. to store information, such as the date and time of a user’s last visit to Our Site, contents that the user has chosen for his/her first visit, security components involved in access control to our restricted areas or visiting rates of Our Site pages. The only purpose of the foregoing is to allow basic site management tasks.

Specifically, this website uses the following third party cookies:

- Google Analytics. Google’s privacy policy is available at

Reintel only obtains and keeps the following information on Our Site’s visitors:

a. The provider’s domain name (ISP) and/or IP address providing access to the Web. This allows Reintel to draw up statistics on the countries and servers that most often visit Our Site.

b. Access date and time, to ascertain high traffic in order to make the necessary adjustments to avoid overloading during peak times.

c. The Internet address through which the link leads to Our Site. Thanks to this information, we are able to check the effectiveness of various advertising formats and links directing users to Our Site, thus promoting those that offer the best results.

d. Each section’s daily number of visitors, allowing us to find out which areas are most successful, increasing and improving their content.

All users may deactivate cookies by consequently adjusting their search engine’s configuration, in which case the website may not adequately work. If this is the case, follow the instructions specified by each search engine.


6. Content terms

6.1 Intellectual and Industrial Property

As regards the contents included in Our Site’s pages (hereinafter, any information, text, graphic design, multimedia file, photograph, software code, commercial names, trademarks, etc.), all users must know that they are Reintel’s property- unless they indicate that they belong to third parties-, which is why the following is totally forbidden:

- Reproduction, public communication, distribution, change or other similar action, over all or part of the foregoing, unless Reintel has previously provided its written consent. If authorised by Reintel, all users will clearly and expressly refer to Reintel as the source of information.

- Any breach of Reintel’s intellectual and industrial property rights.

- Their use for commercial and/or advertising purposes, other than those strictly permitted.

6.2 Content use

Our Site’s contents are for information purposes only.

Reintel will guarantee that all contents and/or services posted on Our Site uphold the principle of personal dignity, non-discrimination on the grounds of race, sex, religion, opinion, nationality, disability or any other personal or social circumstances, and the protection of young people and children.

In turn, all users undertake to adequately use the contents and/or services available on Our Site further to current law.

7. Exclusion of warranties and disclaimer

Reintel will not be liable for any loss and damage caused by the use made by any user of the information contained on this website.

Reintel will not grant any warranty or assume liability for any loss and damage whatsoever derived from:

1. The unavailability, lack of maintenance or continued operation of, or the malfunctioning of its contents/services.

2. The absence of usefulness, adequacy or validity of the contents/services offered on in order to satisfy the user’s expectations, needs, activities or specific results.

3. Malware, harmful software in the user’s computer or worms in any services provided by third parties through

4. An illegal, negligent or fraudulent use of these Terms, or conduct that is merely contrary to the latter.

5. A lack of rigueur and quality, reliability, etc. of the contents/services provided by third parties and made available to all users through

6. A breach by third parties of any obligations or commitments undertaken with Reintel in relation to the services provided and made available to all users at

7. Any details and documentation available in the English version of this web page are provided for information purposes only. If the content of the English version and original Spanish version were to differ, the latter will prevail.

8. A potential failure to update the legal provisions gathered in In any case, the current version will be the one published in Spain’s Official Gazette or in official publications of the European Union.

8. Term

These website services will be valid for an indefinite term.

Without prejudice to the foregoing, Reintel reserves the right to stop, suspend or end the provision of these services or of any others included in the website.

9. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These Terms will be governed by the provisions of Spanish law.

If any difference or dispute should arise regarding the interpretation or application of these Terms, or the content of the website, in general, Reintel and all users, expressly waiving any other forum to which they may be entitled, will submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid.