About us

About us

We are the largest neutral operator of fibre optic infrastructure in Spain


Red Eléctrica Infraestructuras de Telecomunicación (Reintel), a subsidiary company wholly owned by the Red Eléctrica Group, operates as a neutral telecommunications infrastructure provider. Our core business is operating telecommunications infrastructure focusing mainly on the lease of dark fibre and sites to our clients.

We currently have an optical fibre network comprising more than 50,000 km of cable deployed along the electricity transmission grid and the railway network. This allows us to ensure all telco players a transparent and equal access to the network.

Additionally, we provide maintenance services for Red Eléctrica's own fibre optic cables and telecommunications equipment.

Our origins

Our experience in the telecommunications sector dates back to 1997. From then on we have been a primary provider for the key sectoral players operating in Spain. Our priority is operational excellence focused on ensuring our clients with the highest levels of service quality and availability.

What we do

We offer the largest and the best quality dark fibre network.

Reintel’s business goes beyond offering optical fibre infrastructure. Our mission takes us one step further. We provide a meshed and redundant optical fibre network which is connected to the insular systems and internationally accessible. Not only do we operate and manage our extensive optical fibre backbone network, but we also provide sites and technical spaces for electronic equipment housing.
At Reintel we devote every effort to provide our clients with customised solutions while working alongside with them supporting their growth and development process. We know every customer is unique and that is why we ensure transparent and neutral access to our infrastructure network. Our network is adapted to our customers’ needs. We are also aware of how important the proper operation of both the backbone network and the services related to the sites is for our customers. Therefore, we provide them with high-level service quality and availability.
To this end, in order to attain the target of providing the largest and the best optical fibre network available, we are committed to continuous investment and innovation. We are constantly investing in deploying new infrastructure as well as in renovating and improving our existing facilities.

How we do it

We prioritise operational excellence and to do this we count on the best professionals to ensure quality and availability.

Our cornerstone is to prioritise excellence both in the operations and in the corrective and preventive maintenance processes on our infrastructures. We apply the best managing and operational practices on our infrastructures in order to provide a reliable and quality service.
Additionally, we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through our permanent Network Operations Centre. Our aim is ensuring that our customers are assisted promptly, thus ensuring top-quality service.
Each of our services counts on a highly specialised team committed to each project and devoted to the task of seeking and proposing customised solutions.
Our target is building long-term relationships with our customers in order to take part in their growth and development process.

Our Commitment

Reintel is a neutral operator that makes fibre optic connectivity available to society, supporting social and territorial cohesion as well as access to technology and innovation. To this end, we offer our clients products and services suited to their needs.

The Reintel team adopts the commitment to carry out its activities in accordance with principles and actions that respect the environment, people and the organisation, that ensure responsible business and long-term sustainability for the company and its activities.

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Code of Ethics and Conduct, a commitment by all of us

The Red Eléctrica group has a Code of Ethics and Conduct that provides the reference framework to ensure responsible management and the ethical conduct of the members of the organisation in the performance of their duties and responsibilities. The Code contains the corporate values and business conduct guidelines to be followed, formulated through principles and commitments, and constitutes a firm commitment by the Company to ethical and transparent management as the engine to consolidate its image and achieve an enhanced reputation. In accordance with the commitments contained within its Code of Ethics and Conduct, the Red Eléctrica Group has an Ethics and Compliance Channel to make any enquiries or report any breach of the Code.

Kilometres of Fibre footprint


Fully interconnected



585 electricity grid sites and 596 railway sites

A network of more than 50,000 km in Spain

Our team

Our staff is the driving force of our growth and success. We rely on highly qualified and committed professionals to provide the best solutions.

In Reintel we place our confidence in our staff as the basis of growth. For this reason, we encourage an open and transparent culture to facilitate and promote both the professional and the personal development of all our employees.

We are working towards achieving excellence and that is why we constantly and diligently strive to improve our service and our performance with the main purpose of satisfying our customers' needs.

Our suppliers

We carry out a sustainable management of our supply chain.

Our suppliers constitute a key stakeholder group for the Company and, therefore, we believe it is necessary to carry out a sustainable management of our supply chain.

Suppliers and contractors of Reintel can access the ‘Suppliers’ section of our Red Eléctrica Group website and enter ‘Our contracting conditions’ to consult terms and conditions related to the contract's scope of application.

We have the best team

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