We offer equipment housing sites all throughout Spain.

At Reintel, we have sites along all our dark fibre network, deployed nationwide.

We offer our customers these sites in order to house their equipment for signal insertion, extraction or regeneration.


Telecommunications co-location centres (Carrier hotels)

The sites we provide to our customers throughout the railway network are the telecommunications co-location centres. These facilities are deployed along the backbone network and located in population centres. Their location allows our customers to regenerate the signal, and to insert or extract traffic travelling through the network.

Alongside our backbone network service, we offer an independent space of 3.6 m2 and an electric power supply of 4.4 kW in the telecommunications co-location centres. Additionally, space and power supply can be increased to meet our customers’ needs at these Points Of Interconnection.


Telecommunications shelters

Regarding the electricity network, we offer telecommunications shelters for equipment housing purposes. These sites are located next to the electricity substations and to the high-voltage towers. Their main function is signal regeneration.

Their design features have the same reliability and security elements required for the critical infrastructure of the power transmission grid of Red Eléctrica. Therefore, our telecommunications shelters are characterised by a redundant power supply, redundant air-conditioning system and remote monitoring.

Additionally, at Reintel we supply telecommunications shelters with an independent access to the electricity infrastructure.

A network of more than 52,200 km throughout Spain


Red Eléctrica Infraestructuras de Telecomunicación (Reintel) is the subsidiary of the Redeia that, as of 1 July 2015, has been responsible for the management of the Company’s telecommunication business, an activity that previously, from 2008, had been carried out by Red Eléctrica Internacional. Reintel focuses on the commercial exploitation of dark fibre infrastructure and technical facilities connected to such infrastructure relying on an optical fibre network of more than 52,200 km. Therefore, we have the full support of a solid and solvent business group with a vast experience in the telco market since 1997.

At Reintel we manage two networks, each one with its own history and unique technical features: the unused, surplus fibre network of Red Eléctrica and, since November 20, 2014, the surplus marketable fibre network of ADIF.

These are two networks that are deployed through different infrastructures, each with different requirements and constraints, but which are being interconnected by Reintel at many points in order to offer services to our customers as if we were dealing with a single network by using the best of both. At Reintel we are working to provide our customers with a single network framework in which other networks integrate and interconnect every day.

At Reintel we are aware of how important for our customers is to have detailed information about our infrastructure and, therefore, in the Infrastructure section on this web we present both the technical features of the sites and the details of the network map displayed by province.

We invite you to discover, in the Infrastructure section on the web, detailed information about our dark fibre network (currently more than 52,200 km) and the 1,344 sites (810 on the electricity grid and 534 on the railway network) that we make available to you.

Yes. Reintel, in addition to offering its optical dark fibre network, also offers two types of sites (on the electricity grid and on the railway network) to provide customised solutions based on the technical requirements, location and type of optical fibre that interconnects them. Contact us and we will analyse your specific needs in order to offer you the best solution.