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Our network

At Reintel we have an extensive network of optical fibre cables and infrastructure for the deployment and housing of our customers' telecommunications networks. We additionally provide the highest levels of reliability, redundancy and robustness thanks to our nationwide coverage and to the quality, excellence and security inherent to the high voltage environments of both Red Eléctrica and the railway infrastructure. Our network uses the best fibre and we apply the best practices in order to continue growing.

Our sites

We offer different types of sites according to our customers' needs, to the location and to the optical fibre infrastructure.

When we make use of the fibre coming from the railway network, we have telecommunications co-location centres distributed strategically throughout the backbone network and the cities. In these sites, we offer optical fibre, independent housing space and power supply facilities for the operators.

Regarding network deployment through the fibre of the electricity environment, we have telecommunications shelters. In the most part, our facilities are located next to electricity substations supplying fibre, space, independent access, redundant power supply, air conditioning and remote monitoring.

A network of more than 52,000 km throughout Spain

24x7 Support and Customer Service


Real-time monitoring

We control and monitor the status of the whole network from our own Network Operations Centre, fully devoted to this task 24 hours a day, every day of the year.


Technical Capacity

Our Network Operations Centre (Centro de Supervisión de Telecomunicaciones) uses state-of-the-art remote monitoring systems, managed by experienced staff with the widest know-how regarding both the networks and the optical fibre footprint used by our customers.


Problem assessment

The Network Operations Centre (Centro de Supervisión de Telecomunicaciones) uses different monitoring and diagnostics tools to deal with, identify, analyse and seek the solution to any network incident.


Agile management

Once the best solution has been identified, we efficiently manage all the actions needed to restore the service. To that end, we use the same resources used for ensuring the electricity supply service and for transporting people and goods throughout Spain.

Development and renovation plan



The optical fibre network is alive due to the yearly growth and expansion of its infrastructure, driven by progress and investment. At Reintel, we increase the number of cable kilometres every year, therefore achieving new key targets for our customers.



Maintaining the network in a fully operational condition requires our commitment to invest continually in the renovation and the improvement of infrastructure, cables and sites.


Our network offer comprises aerial, underground and ducted cables. Cables are supplied by leading manufacturers after strict processes of approval and technical inspection, before being installed in our network.


Optical fibre cables make up the main arteries of telecommunications networks. Our customers lighten up these highways with light.

At Reintel, we use 16, 24, 48, 64, 96 and 128 single mode optical fibre cable of different types: OPGW, dielectric, armoured, shielded or submarine cables. These cables are always designed in accordance with the following standards:


In its most recent version, for use in electricity and railway networks sections.


Used specifically in the "mainland Spain-Balearic Islands interconnection" submarine links.

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Comprises the entire civil works infrastructure and high-voltage towers that house the cables and optical fibre junction boxes.


On the railway network, ducting runs parallel to the railway. These may be either buried or exposed, with strategically located access pits, in order to ensure the fibre supply fibre to our customers. Furthermore, we have the capacity to increase and build on demand in order to provide a dedicated cable solution.

Moreover, High-voltage towers channel OPGW cable and permit the segregation of fibres in those towers equipped with junction boxes. The customer can connect to an access pit located at the tower base. Additionally, we manage buried sections in the major cities.

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Optical Distribution Frames

These are the optical fibre connection and delivery points within the sites. Their full operation is ensured by means of regular monitoring of their identification and condition.


Within the telecommunications co-location centres, the distribution frames use SC-PC type connectors which permit patching and connectivity between different routes. They also allow for interconnections between operators and customers.

Overall, the sites belonging to the electricity grid are equipped with optical distribution frames and connectors of the FC-APC type. However, on some routes, the connectors are of the SC-APC type, which help minimise the reflections of the customers’ high-power transmission equipment.

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